{The Jeweled Bouquet}


As different becomes desired amongst brides and grooms, we begin to search for new ways to make every wedding stand out. One trend that is slowly catching fire are jeweled bouquets. Done correctly, these sparkling gems not only add a vintage touch to one’s ceremony, but also provide a permanent keepsake for the bride.
Jeweled bouquets come in a variety of sizes and may include a mixture of flowers and brooches or may consist solely of antique pins, hair barrettes, and jeweled flowers. While these types of bouquets are not traditional, they are certainly romantic. The arrangements look as if they stepped right out of the 1920s, invoking both the adventurous nature of the time, and the glitz and glamour that followed it. Not for the faint of heart, jeweled bridal bouquets urge us to explore the world of extravagance.

To help you add a little opulence to your ceremony, I’ve comprised a small list that is sure to give any bridal bouquet an added vintage flare.

1) If you don’t want an arrangement made up entirely of brooches, think about including a few throughout your flowers. These can be random antique item, or ones carrying their own special story.
2) For the mother and grandmothers of the bride, take a look around your jewelry boxes, and see if there are any special items you would like to contribute to your daughter/granddaughter’s bouquet. This can be her something old.
3) If you aren’t interested in a jeweled bouquet, consider including antique keepsakes as a part of your bouquet’s handle treatment.

Regardless of what you chose, as always, remember to keep it 100% you!


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